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Community Food Enterprise (CFE) Limited 

Is an award winning social enterprise Food Business and a registered charity that is rooted in East London and was founded in 2002 by members of the West Ham and Plaistow New Deal for Communities (NDC) catchment area.


Our Aim

CFE’s aim is to develop a viable and sustainable food business that will provide training, capacity building and employment opportunities for residents of East London.


Mission and Values

Our mission is to work in partnership with the diverse communities of East London, and nationally with organisations that do similar work as us, to ensure that everyone in our community has the right not just to food, but the right food - access to food is a right, not a privilege. The food we consume should be safe, nutritious, affordable, accessible, and culturally acceptable.


At CFE, we believe that access to food is not an end in itself, but rather the first practical step on a pathway to alleviating many of the root causes of food poverty. The desired outcomes are better diet, lifestyle, and health. Such outcomes depend not just on what we eat but on understanding why we eat it. Promoting understanding through education and empowerment are the keys to sustained success.

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